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The team at The Critters & Me in Santa Fe is here for you and your pets. Learn more about our pet services below.


Pickup Services

Let us come out and meet you & your co-pilot! Purchase online and choose in-store or curbside pick-up - and if you need to hustle through, we will run it out to your car. Just call us when you pull up to the shop.

Pet Store

We provide a fresh choice of high quality pet food and supplies to meet the needs of local pet parents and their family pets in the community.

Nutritional Counseling

Our pets' nutrition is extremely important to their general health. At The Critters & Me, our pet nutrition counseling in Santa Fe aims to empower pet owners to provide their pets with a high-quality diet through each phase of life. Proper diet can help reduce many health problems including; food intolerances, pet food allergies, excessive weight gain or weight loss, nutritional deficiencies, skin and coat ailments, and more. Nutritional needs for pups and cats vary due to many aspects including age, size, breed, physical activity levels, overall health, and more, thus, a one-size-fits-all solution to nutrition will not do the job. Our staff can advise you on which food choices will be suitable based on your pet's needs, amount to feed, and what to look out for on pet food labels.

Self-Service Dog Wash

Walk in friendly. Do-it-Yourself Dog Washing: Monday - Friday, 9AM to 4:30PM & Saturday, 9AM to 4PM

Providing your pet a bath in your house means hair clogged drains, messy bathtubs, and an aching back. At The Critters & Me, we take away the mess and stress with our self-service pet wash in Santa Fe, NM.  Call (505) 982-5040 with any questions about do-it-yourself pet wash add-ons. We provide shampoos, conditioners, towels, brushes, nail clippers. All you need to bring is your dog!

Does your pup need his or her own space? We are happy to accommodate an "all-alone" time spot when you can give your dog some extra space. No extra charge. Give us a ring so that we can reserve the self-wash just for you.

Covid-19 Update:
Safety is our number one priority. That's why we are only booking one dog wash appointment at a time now. We are fully sanitizing the dog wash station in between appointments. We are also asking customers to wear masks while using the dog wash.

Pet Adoptions

Congratulations on your decision to adopt a pet! We proudly recommend local animal rescue groups and shelters. We also offer a free bag of food and treats when you adopt a pet! 

Local Delivery

Available within a 5 mile radius of the store

Come visit our pet supply store in Santa Fe, NM specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.