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The Critters & Me was founded by Laura Moore in 1998, based on the belief that health begins with proper nutrition and that each animal is an individual with unique needs that require proper attention if they are to live long and healthy lives. Laura has turned her love of animals and commitment to animal welfare into one of the most popular and successful independent, natural pet food stores in the area. The Critters & Me has been voted the “Best of Santa Fe” for ten years running by devoted customers from all over New Mexico. This success is built on a commitment to its mission of educating pet owners in ways to enrich and prolong their pets’ lives. The Critters & Me achieves this by providing informed customer service, the highest quality pet food, and by offering safe, effective methods of supplementing proper veterinary care.

As pet owners have become more informed and knowledgeable about the role of good nutrition, manufacturers have begun to bring better and better food to the market. However, many pet foods still contain materials that are substandard and even dangerous. That is why we source all of our foods from the most reputable manufacturers, striving to offer only the finest human grade pet foods to meet the unique needs of your pets. At The Critters & Me we are continually improving our offerings by adding the best of what becomes available in the market. It can, however, be confusing for pet owners given all the good choices available today. That is why our goal is not only to provide education and fine products, but also to accompany those products with a superior level of knowledgeable, friendly and courteous customer service.

Whether you are looking for kibble, raw food, nutritious treats, toys, bedding, kitty litter, wild bird seed, chicken scratch or anything else related to critters, the trained staff will be happy to assist you in finding exactly what you want. And if you wish to address a minor problem or health issue by using homeopathy, flower essences, herbs and nutritional supplements, all of it can be found at The Critters & Me.

Today more than ever, The Critters & Me is committed to serving the community, its pet owners and pets by making our retail store a destination for customers who wish to share in and contribute to our wealth of experience in caring for companion animals.

 Mission Statement - The Critters and Me

Our Mission is to educate pet owners on ways to enrich and prolong their pets’ lives. We do this by promoting information, offering the highest quality pet food, and by using safe methods of dealing with common problems. 

In addition to natural foods and organic feeds researched and sourced from the most reliable suppliers, we offer homeopathic remedies, flower essences, herbs, and natural supplements. The Critters & Me is founded on the belief that health begins with proper nutrition and that each animal is an individual deserving of the required attention to meet its specific needs.

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