Vaccines are very important to your pet’s health in more ways than one.  There is now considerable evidence that over-vaccinating can be as detrimental to your animal’s health as not vaccinating.  The following article appeared in one of our favorite pet magazines, “Dogs Naturally Magazine.”  It was written by the managing editor, Julie Henriques.  The article is very useful in helping to understand this very confusing and sometimes controversial subject of vaccinations.  We strongly encourage you to keep reading below and click on the link for the full article.  

“If your vet is in the habit of sending out vaccine reminder postcards every year, you need to download this vaccine reference chart (no opt-in required) …  

It’s a tool you’ll use to decide which vaccines your dog actually needs (and how often) based on your lifestyle and where you live. It’s backed by veterinary research, so you’ll have the confidence to stand up for your decision (in case your vet pushes back).  

And in today’s article, we’ll explain:  

  • The difference between core vs non-core vaccines
  • Why you shouldn’t over-vaccinate your dog (more vaccines don’t make him “more immune”!)
  • The two most dangerous toxic ingredients used in vaccines
  • What to do when you’re at the vet’s office

Click here to read the article and download your reference chart.”