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Healthy chickens lay delicious eggs, and you get healthy poultries from top quality poultry feed. While you can get a large bag of random food down at your neighborhood farm resource store, you will not have any kind of suggestion if it's right for your brood or not. Finding the appropriate food with the right nutritional balance is crucial, but the professionals at The Critters & Me in 1403 Agua Fria St are here to help you find the excellent food for your coop. Chickens are somewhat omnivorous and voraciously opportunistic. They'll consume anything from grain to insects, and even animal products relying on how tiny the pieces are. Additionally, they require a varied variety of nutrients in order to not only lay eggs but lay eggs that are nutritionally dense. Chick starter and grower feed- These feeds are loaded with calories - specifically from protein - to help your chicks grow swiftly, strengthening their immune systems and enhancing their general health and wellness. Grower feed is vital for good poundage and quick growth for robust, healthy poultries. Layer feed- Completely stabilized for healthy chickens laying eggs on a routine basis, layer feed has a various dietary composition that consists of more calcium to stimulate proper egg production in newly laying hens. Flock raiser- This feed supplies well balanced nutrition when you have a mixed flock of poultries. Flock raiser feeds great, general nutrition to all type of poultries without the optimized micronutrient profiles of the other types of feed. Simply put, it's simply simpler to use and still provides fantastic nutrition. Crumble and pellets- Chickens have a tendency to like small pellets and crumble to bigger pieces of food - they're just simpler to consume! Crumble is frequently the main presentation of flock raiser food, as it's very easy for chicks and chickens alike to consume and absorb. Shell grit- Included in layer feed, shell grit has 2 purposes - one, it aids the gizzard break down food effectively, and 2, it adds added calcium to your chicken's diet. Calcium is essential for appropriate nutrition regardless, but it's especially essential for egg-laying hens. Corn- Cracked corn isn't a great feed - it's calorie-dense but not big on nutrition. No matter, it's a nice treat for your poultries, it's quite affordable and in a pinch, it can be used to feed your poultries if you've got nothing else available. If you've got chicken concerns, we've got the answers- At The Critters & Me, we know birds. It's our delight to offer the NM area, and with years of expertise and dedication to raising healthy fowl, you can trust us to give the most effective items for your flock. Give us a call at (505) 982-5040 or come see us at our store and let us help you feed your birds the ideal food for their requirements.

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