We are all becoming increasingly aware that our modern lifestyle, diet and environmental pollution can have a devastating effect on our health and the health of our pets.  We are also told that over 80% of our immune system support comes from our digestive system.  So it is important to understand that the health of the digestive system is dependent upon maintaining a good balance of the bacteria and microorganisms that inhabit the gut and keep it healthy.  Research is showing that dietary imbalances, toxins in the food, water and air as well as pharmaceutical drugs, all have a detrimental effect on the microorganism balance in the gut which can lead to numerous health issues. That is why it is important to consider not only supplementing our human diet with probiotics but also our pets’ diets.

Below is a link to an article explaining in more detail why it is important to consider adding probiotics and prebiotics to your dog’s diet.  The article by Dana Scott, Editor in Chief of Dogs Naturally Magazine, is very helpful in understanding how and why supplementing with probiotics can be very beneficial for your dog’s health.  Please note that many of the foods we carry at the Critters & Me contain additional probiotics and we carry several probiotic supplement options.  Ask our staff if you have questions concerning the appropriate use of these supplements.