We have been selling hemp based supplements for pets at the Critters & Me for a couple of years now because we have seen it benefit many animals as well as humans.  Unfortunately, there are still many misconceptions regarding hemp supplements that are preventing many animals from receiving the support and relief that they could with hemp supplementation.  We do our best to explain the proper uses and benefits of hemp supplements to our customers when the subject arises but misconceptions persist.  Fortunately, our friends at Dog’s Naturally Magazine have put together an easy to understand article on the benefits and uses of hemp supplements that we would like to share.  Please see the link below if you would like to gain a better understanding of hemp’s applications to animal health.   

Please keep in mind that not all hemp products are created equal.  When using hemp derived CBD products for your pets or yourself we strongly encourage you to seek out quality, whole plant products derived from organic hemp.  This way you avoid toxic pesticides and herbicides and are assured of the whole plant entourage effect which has been shown to enhance the benefits.   

UPDATE: Check out this additional article on the health benefits of CBD supplementation and remedies.   

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