There are many situations that can cause a normally calm, well socialized animal to become anxious and fearful.  Anything abrupt and out of the ordinary may elicit barking, cowering, or worse snarling and biting.  The 4th of July with its loud pops and bangs or even Halloween with children squealing and running around in unusual masks and outfits are both times of the year when your pet may be in a lot of distress.  It is important that pet owners pay attention to situations that might put your pet under stress and make efforts to help them avoid if possible, or at least cope more effectively with these situations.   

We sell many different calming aids at The Critters & Me and Dogs Naturally Magazine recently posted and excellent article describing various techniques and products for dealing with stress.  If you have ever dealt with fear or anxiety in your pet please stop in the store and talk to one of knowledgeable staff about which aids might best suit your needs.  For more specific information the various calming aids please click on the link below and read Jessica Peralta’s article.