As a follow-up to the previous article on vaccinations for our pets, below we have included an article which discusses the wisdom in utilizing natural detox techniques as part of the process.  One of the reasons for the current public outcry surrounding vaccinations is that vaccines incorporate some pretty toxic substances in their compounding, like aluminum, mercury and thimerosal.  While the drug companies feel these elements are necessary for the effectiveness of the vaccines, these elements have also been shown to be toxic in and of themselves.  In particular, when elements like mercury or aluminum build up in the body they can have very severe health consequences as documented by many research studies.  This is another reason why over-vaccinating our animals is not a good idea.  It is also why it is important to consider a detox regimen as soon as possible after your pet has been vaccinated.  There are many safe, effective homeopathic and herbal remedies that can help our pets rid themselves of the toxic residue from the vaccination process.  Learning about and utilizing detoxification techniques is a very important part of our education on vaccinations.  Please take a look at the article below.  If you decide to begin a detox regimen please let one of our staff assist you in finding the best remedies for your pet.