This homeopathic snake bite emergency kit was developed specifically for bites from venomous snakes found in the Santa Fe area of northern New Mexico.  This kit created by Laura Moore consists of 4 very specific homeopathic remedies.  Laura has been using these remedies on dogs subjected to venomous snake bites for nearly 20 years and has treated over 75 cases.  In that time she has only lost one dog to a poisonous snake bite and in that case  the owner did not follow through with the remedies and took the dog to the vet.   

We have these kits at The Critters & Me for $39.99.  They come with the 4 remedies plus detailed instructions that must be followed precisely.  If you take your dog hiking in areas where you might encounter snakes this kit could save your dog’s life especially if you are in a remote area.  Please let us know if you have questions on this important remedy to keep on hand.