One thing that we strive to do at the Critters & Me is provide everyone who comes into the store with the service they deserve and have come to expect from us.  We are here to answer your questions, assist you in resolving issues and fulfill all your pet needs. We are delighted to have been named Best (Pet Store) of Santa Fe for 2016, it encourages us to do all that we can to meet your expectations.  We also love to get your direct feedback like the message posted on Facebook this week…… 

Jeff Nailen reviewed The Critters & Me – 5 Stars 

THE best pet food store in Santa Fe.  Critters & Me carries the best premium brands for dogs and cats and other critters.  Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful and will share feedback from customers on customer’s experiences with the various brands of food they carry.  They are also great about giving free samples so you can discover what your critters like and have a no-questions-asked return policy in case they don’t like what you bring home for them. I can’t single out anyone on the staff for praise because they’re all truly devoted, friendly and helpful.  They have fresh popcorn for the humans too! 

Oh, and when it comes to cat litter they know their sh*t! 

Thank you Jeff and Thanks to all our loyal customers!