Have you just come from the vet and been told your dog or cat is allergic to this food or that environmental element?  Your not alone, allergies could possibly be the fastest growing diagnosis in pets today.  And if you have suffered from allergies yourself it is an easy diagnosis to accept and relate to in your pet.  But were you aware that there is a big difference between sensitivities and full blown allergies?  Were you also aware that allergy testing is not an exact science with very limited accuracy?   If you have done your own homework you might have reservations about treating your pet with the most recent pharmaceuticals(and you should have reservations).  You may have also learned that there are healthier alternatives for solving your pets issues, whether they are allergies, sensitivities or other immune related issues.  If you are interested in understanding what causes these allergic reactions and how to treat the causes rather than just suppressing the symptoms, you might want to read the article below by Dr. Deva Khalsa, VDM.  

Dr. Khalsa has been a practicing holistic veterinarian for over 25 years and worked extensively with allergy-elimination.  Hopefully the information will help you develop a broader understanding of the subject and learn some natural ways to help your pet by dealing with the underlying cause as well as the symptoms.  This article recently appeared in Dogs Naturally Magazine, a great source of alternative perspectives on pet health.  Let us know if it is helpful.