As humans, if we are interested in truly understanding a topic, we have to recognize that it is important to be open and willing to consider new information as it becomes available.  Our understanding of the world around us is constantly changing and expanding.  Science is one of the tools that we use to help us learn, but we also know that the understandings revealed through science are also subject to change over time.  At one time the earth was flat, the sun traveled around the earth, Newtonian physics and solid matter  were valid until Quantum physics rearranged those understandings, and so on.  Vaccinations have saved lives and checked the spread of diseases but recent research and understandings have shown that they are not without their risks.  In some cases vaccines have been shown to be complicit in the mutation and spread of the diseases that they are trying to prevent.  In other words, we cannot rely on the blind belief that because something was once thought to be beneficial that is still the best and only solution.  We need to continue to refresh and update our understanding.  This is particularly true when it comes to our health and the health of our companion pets.  That is why we are posting and re-posting articles on this site that are pertinent to this ever-changing field of health and well-being.  Vaccinations are a remarkable development and they have their place.  But it is important to remember what they are, an external or artificial way of stimulating a naturally occurring process within the body.  As with anything we do to the body, it is important that we do not over use it beyond the body’s capacity to process it and that we do not introduce elements that the body cannot process effectively. 

The link below is an article compiled by Julie Hernadez, Managing Editor at Dogs Naturally Magazine.  It is a serious look at some of the current research and understandings around the use of vaccines and the reasons for exercising caution in this area of your pet’s health.  Thank you for your interest in your pet’s health, we hope the article is useful. 

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