In recent months we have posted a few articles on vaccines which have covered the need for vaccines, healthy frequencies for re-vaccinating a pet and some of the side-effects and health hazards associated with current vaccination practices.  One of the side effects mentioned is allergies.  Have you ever wondered how dogs, for instance, who are natural omnivores, could develop allergies to chicken, turkey or beef?  Why is it that we vilify the protein and never really look at what might have changed within our pet that has created a situation where they can no longer digest these proteins properly?   

Well we certainly have wondered and sought answers and so have our friends over at Dogs Naturally Magazine.  Please read the article in the link below if you would like to understand more about this growing issue with our domestic animals.  But you will also learn that it is possible to help correct these problems with things like homeopathy.  At the Critters & Me we carry a full line of Natural Health Supplies homeopathic remedies and we have had great success dealing with some of these vaccine side effects.  If you have recommendations from your practitioner please stop in, we can probably help with the recommended remedy.  You might also look into a consultation with Laura Moore who has been a classically trained homeopathic practitioner for over 25 years.