We are aware that we have put up several posts about pet vaccinations, but please indulge us again because we feel this is very useful information.  We feel that it is vitally important for our customers to know that mercury is still being used in animal vaccines and probably human vaccines as well even though there are alternatives. The most important point is that mercury is a toxic heavy metal with no known safe level in our bodies.  Besides having very detrimental impacts on the endocrine system and especially the thyroid, mercury and heavy metals in general can produce a host of symptoms and conditions in our pets that are very difficult to diagnose and treat.  Unfortunately, many veterinary practices are still using vaccines which contain mercury and aluminum.  While these compounds may increase the shelf life and stability of the drugs, they have no place in our bodies or the bodies of our pets.  We have emphasized in previous posts that over vaccinating has no beneficial effect and can seriously compromise your pet’s immune system.  Over vaccinating is also dangerous when taking into account the additional accumulation of mercury and other toxins contained in these vaccines.  Mercury is very difficult to detox from the body and increased exposure to known sources of mercury should be avoided to prevent an excessive accumulation of the heavy metal. 

Once again we would like to direct your attention to an article written by Patricia Jordan, DVM for Dogs Naturally Magazine.  The article entitled “Mercury Rising: The Root Cause of Disease in Your Dog.” 

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