The link attached below is an article published on the site by Susan Thixton. is an advocacy group looking to protect and advocate for the health of our pets.  The American Veterinarian Medical Association(AVMA) is charged with licensing and the on-going education of practicing veterinarians.  In this very recent article Susan sites the appointment of a former Hill’s Science Diet executive to be CEO of AVMA, then tracks the rather direct involvement of Hill’s Science Diet corporation in the management and financial support of the AVMA.  She questions whether or not the AVMA can be truly unbiased if it is being managed by former pet food executives and is reliant on those same companies for financial support.  Is it possible for the AVMA to be advising the veterinarian community in an unbiased way given these factors?  As conscientious pet owners we want the advise we receive from our vets to be the best advise we can get for our animals, not something that is more informed by corporate interests rather than the immediate health of our pets.  Please take a look at this article and see what you think.