As you may be aware, Laura Moore, the owner of The Critters & Me, is a classically trained homeopathic practitioner.  She has been doing consultations and treating animals for nearly 25 years.  Many of you have made use of her services.  In her practice Laura has always attempted to educate clients on the proper use of homeopathic remedies so that they can be more self-sufficient in caring for their animals. 

We recently came across an article in Dog’s Naturally Magazine by Dana Scott, the Editor in Chief, that is a wonderful primer on homeopathy for pets.  It is easy to read, simple and provides sound advice and specific remedies to apply when certain conditions present themselves.  It is a great practical summary of some simple steps that we can all take to relieve various conditions in our pets.  Reading the article will not make you a trained homeopath but it will arm you with some very valuable information that could prove very beneficial for you and your pet. 

One example of the timely use of homeopathic remedies was with our 10 week old border collie puppy, Gracie.  One evening a couple of months ago she started vomiting which is not that unusual in puppies but it continued and went into dry heaves as there was nothing left in her stomach.  Shortly thereafter she began acting like she didn’t know who I was and became very agitated and aggressive. She was not herself, apparently in an altered state and very frightened.  I began looking around the yard to see what she had gotten into and found a Datura plant with chewed leaves and a seed pod broken open.  Datura is quite toxic for humans as well as animals and can produce an array of strong reactions.  I immediately found the Rhus Tox remedy and got some into Gracie.  Then I called Laura and we also began Arsenicum and Belladonna alternately.  Gradually she calmed some and I was able to take to the emergency vet to see if there was anything more to be done.  They checked for obstructions and gave her something ease the nausea and said to just watch her through the night.  We administered remedies once more when we got home and she went to sleep for the entire night. I am certain that had we not given her the homeopathic remedies so quickly she might have experienced much more severe reactions or worse.  She was back to being a puppy the next day much to our relief. 

As Dana mentions in the article below, homeopathics are very useful in acute situations and can turn things around very quickly.  It is also important to note that they are a perfectly safe and a great home remedy because administering the wrong remedy will not be harmful, it simply will not produce the desired corrective result. 

We would encourage you to read the article and remember that Laura is always available Tuesdays from 11AM to 2PM to answer questions and provide direction in caring for you pet.  Check the website for specifics on her Tuesday schedule. 

Remember, we carry Natural Health Supply individual remedies or even their emergency homeopathic remedy kits in 200C or 30C potencies at The Critters & Me.  Stop by and let us help you. 

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