Spring is upon us and we are all ready for it! It does, however, make us have to think about flea and tick season for our critters.  It’s time to start giving the NaturVet Brewer’s Yeast powder or tablets, Garlic chewables or Love Drops in their food to build up a resistance to those nasty pests.  We also carry SonicGuard which is an ultrasonic tick and flea protection that you can attach to their collars to repel ticks and fleas.   There are sizes for your large and small dogs as well as cats.  These will work for the whole year for prevention.


We do carry multiple chemical free sprays that you can use including cedar oil, if you are going out into areas that may have these pests.


Remember that the commercial flea and tick drops and mediations all carry the risk of neurological issues including seizures.  If they tell you to wear gloves to put on a topical preventative, that goes systemic, why then would you want to have that on your critter or yourself.  The chemical free solutions work with no risk of injuring your critter or yourself.

Happy Spring and please ask our incredibly knowledgeable staff to show you these products and answer any of your questions.