If you have been a dog owner for any length of time at all you have probably suffered along side your dog when they get an ear infection.  Ear infections are very common, with some breeds more than others.  If you have watched your dog scratch his ears with his paw or by rubbing his head on the ground you can appreciate how uncomfortable, even painful ear infections can be for them.  That’s why it is important to understand what different types of infection look like and how they can be dealt with effectively. 

The article below can help give you a good understanding of ear infections in general and specific things to look for in your pet.  It provides detailed descriptions of the different types of infection, common causes and conventional treatments and their effectiveness.  There are also simple effective alternative remedies that you can apply at home to assist your dog in getting rid of the problem and keeping it at bay.  The article was compiled be Julia Henriques, Managing Editor at Dogs Naturally Magazine and some of the remedies have been suggested by herbalist and holistic veterinarian Dr. Randy Kidd DVM, PhD. 

We hope that passing along articles like this serves to alleviate the fear and mystery around common canine health issues and provides tools that you can use to maintain you pet’s health and well-being.  Please check out the ear cleaning and herbal drops available at the store next time you are in. 

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