There are times when surgery is unavoidable and the only avenue to restoring health.  This is something most holistic and allopathic veterinarians will both agree on.  When it comes to the healing process after surgery these two perspectives may begin to diverge.  Surgery is a traumatic event for anyone’s body, in the case of our pets we believe this is no less true.  Therefore, it is important to consider ways to assist the healing process without adding additional trauma to the body which may mean limiting or avoiding, when possible, the use of pharmaceuticals that may add trauma in the form of acute or lingering side effects.  It may be useful to consider whether there natural ways of alleviating pain, reducing inflammation, and speeding the healing process before committing to pharmaceuticals. 

The following article that appeared in Dogs Naturally Magazine by Australian Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte presents some the alternative approaches to healing after surgery and is well worth reading if your pet is faced with surgery in the near of distant future. 

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