February is dental health month and The Critters & Me is offering 10% off on all dental health products. We will extend this sale thru March 13, 2021.  It is important to keep your critters mouth healthy, as bad teeth and gums can create issues with heart and kidneys.  There are many natural products that you can use by adding to water, food or topically that work very well.  Our newest product Teef is an excellent product to add to your canine’s water which works with good bacteria, as digestion begins in the mouth.  This product will be available for cats in the next month or two.  You may also choose to use Plaque Off, which can be added to food. I do not recommend this for cats as it contains kelp which has high iodine content and may affect the thyroid. As hyperthyroidism is a concern for cats, I would suggest staying away from Plaque Off for cats.  True Blue has dental wipes, PetzLife has a spray, gel & chews that are very effective.  We also carry Indigenous Dental Health Bones in sizes for all dogs as well as toothbrushes and toothpaste.   Please ask our staff to see which product would work best for you to keep a healthy mouth for your dogs or cats.