If you are interested in assistance with dog training in Santa Fe we suggest you contact Connie Dillion.  Connie Dillon is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Tellington TTouch Practitioner in Santa Fe. Connie’s website is www.amazingdogssantafe.com and she can be reached at cdillon@cybermesa.com or by phone at 505-982-1583.

Check out all of Connie’s services like Small Group Classes for puppies and adults, Tellington TTouch Classes for puppies, Behavior Evaluations, Hiking Classes with Your Dog, Tellington TTouch Workshops, Private In Home Training and Boarding & Train, at www.amazingdogssantafe.com.

Amazing Dogs offers a positive training philosophy.  Specializing in companion dog training and behavior, using rewards and play, relationship building techniques and communication to create a partnership based on trust and respect.  These tools will strengthen the bond between you and your dog.  No force or painful practices are ever used in Connie’s training programs.

Dog training is about having fun while helping your dog evolve into a well mannered dog.  Having a dog who feels safe, confident and relaxed in all situations is one of the goals of the training program.  By building an emotional bond with your dog and acquiring the knowledge to understand canine language, a natural transformation occurs for both you and your dog.